Cliff Diving is fun

over 2 decades in the making

Working Desktop with ipad and pantone color swatches for Stargazer Creative.
Nichole Chapais with Brianna White Celebrating your purchase from Stargazer Creative
Just jump already

my story

Fun fact – The official start date for my business is 4/1/2018.

Yup! April Fools’ Day 😝

See, my biz journey began ⛰️ “cliff diving style”. While going through a divorce and getting an apartment (and the bills that go with it) as a solo woman… without a consistent salary/ paycheck / anything to fall back on I decided “Let’s start a business”. 

I mean why not! 🤷‍♀️

I was tired of bosses / other business owners telling me who I could and couldn’t support as a marketer. My decades of knowledge are golden nuggets for all.

Five years in and I still love every day!

Being a business owner is kinda like living on a roller coaster and, well, I love roller coasters so it’s a perfect fit.

Business Building

I truly believe building a business takes courage, kindness, and lots of business besties! I wouldn't be where I am today with the support of my ever growing community. If you are just meeting me, I love connecting with people. I am in my third year of running the Waltham chapter of Women's Business League and throw my own events too.

She is a wonderful combination of funny and genuine.

Robin Thomas, Phoenix Rising Healings

You ask, I answer

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