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Our Services

Drowning in the deep end of the marketing pool?

Marketing + Social Media overwhelming you?

Stop treading water + getting nowhere.

I’ll show you the results you want + help you grow your business!


Let’s chat and get you the right level of support for your business and budget.


Let's Make Magic
Stargazer Creatve planning a social media calendar in Waltham MA

Social Media

Together we can make your social media align with your business and marketing goals without you feeling like a social media influencer.

🗓 A Custom Monthly Plan

Done for you, Done with you, or a calendar of options. No matter the level of support you need, I’ve got you.

🧠 Social Smarts

Together we craft the perfect solution to your social media struggles.

These sessions can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

📓 Stargazer Planning Sesh

A 2-hour content planning session.

👩🏼‍💻 A Content + Canva Creation Sesh

A 3-hour content planning + Canva creation session.

Stargazer Creative's desk ready to execute a marketing plan

Marketing Magic

The world needs your perfect thing, but you need a helping hand getting it to them. I’ve got you. Let’s work together to make it a success.

☎️ A 1-hour Consult

Zoom-in with your problems and zoom-out with solutions so you can make marketing magic.

💡 Marketing Planning

Your upcoming campaigns, blogs, emails, or anything your heart desires + my marketing mind = a manageable marketing plan.

Together we will plan, execute, and achieve a business goals. These sessions can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

🎙 Audio Tips

In my podcast and flash briefings, you’ll find marketing tips to grow your audience, market your business, stay sane, and engage your audience. All from the comfort of your ear buds.

Listen now.

📧 Light Up Your Marketing

Monday Morning Oatmeal: The marketing fiber you need to fuel your marketing + business in easy to digest emails.

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Stargazer Creatve consulting with a client

Consulting + Classes

We are social media, marketing, and Canva experts helping build your business with ideas + strategies. 

🎨 A 30-Minute Graphics Chat

Struggling to stop the scroll? This chat is for you!

📅 Marketing Magic

For a business to succeed, it is essential to have good support. Let me support you as you navigate the marketing path needed to grow your business. Having a hard time finding the path? That’s something I can help with as well. These sessions can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

📝 Gather Knowledge

Take advantage of my expertise to find innovative ways to market your products or services to your target market.

These sessions can be one-on-one or one-to-many.

🎨 Learn a Skill

Want to do it yourself? No problem. Let me teach you or your team a new skill on any topic from Canva to Marketing Methods and Implementation.

Social Media Management

Embrace social media without stress. Below is a sample of how I can help.

Done for You

Sit back and watch the magic while I take the stress and overwhelm of social media off your to-do list.

- Ongoing Account Optimization

- Monthly Strategy Call

- Monthly Analytics Report

- 12 Static Posts/Month

+ Option to Add Reels or Engagement

Done with You

You've got this... some days and then you vanish for months. Let's work together to keep your feeds consistent and content rich.

- Ongoing Account Optimization

- Monthly Strategy Call

- Monthly Analytics

+ Your Choice of Support Services (3 Max)

Done to Support You

You've got this but a little support would help.

- Hashtag Vault

- Content Calendar

- Canva Templates

- Caption Copy

- Reels Calendar

- Engagement

- Scheduling

Let's Make Magic